We Come To You

We conduct yoga classes at your workplace at your convenience during lunchtimes, early morning or evenings.  More and more companies are recognizing the value of offering yoga classes at work to their employees. It is making employee wellness a priority and it is a simple and cost effective way to promote physical activity and mental health.




  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Increase focus
  • Provides energy, focus and enthusiasm
  • Reduce employee fatigue and back pain
  • Improves efficiency, creativity and productivity
  • Increase Confidence and energy
  • Improves breathing and digestion
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Boost Immunity
  • Improves overall physical and mental health


  • Improves immunity and reduces employee sick days
  • Reduces medical costs
  • Better productivity and efficiency
  • Promotes team work and employee interaction
  • Increases employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Cost-effective way to provide employees tools to cope with stress and challenges while at work
  • Makes the company more attractive to potential employees

Our yoga classes are suitable for staff members of all levels.  Classes can be conducted in group and/or private setting. Our Classes is held in the studio, or upon request or your office. Some of the classes we are currently conducting at workplaces are:


Morning Flow

Begin the day with an energetic & flowing class that focuses on aligning the body, mind and heart. This class blends an inspiring Vinyasa practice with precise alignment instruction to create clarity in the practice and encourage openness in your employees' body and their daily life. Suitable for everyone.

lunchtime flow

Fight the mid-afternoon slump with this energizing practice. This class includes breathing exercise (relax), long held deep stretch (restore) and some gentle flow (re-set) which helps employees to re-connect to their body and mind. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is designed for physical or mental stress such as back, neck, hip and knee pain, migraine, insomnia, depression, fatigue after work etc. It consists of simple physical postures, breathing practice & relaxation techniques to keep your optimum health. It is the prefect class to relieve stress.

Destress Yoga

Stress and worries result in tension throughout the body as well as in the mind. De-Stress yoga focuses on these tensions and aims to gently release them, leaving you feeling more at ease, both mentally and physically. De-Stress Yoga uses deep relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises and gentle physical poses.


Still don't know which class to pick? Don't worry.

Yoga Lotus will help you select the appropriate class for your company. Please contact us by e-mail or call 938 69 125 to schedule your first session.

We understand situations arise in which you must cancel your session. Therefore, if you must cancel your private session, that you provide more than 24 hours notice. Any cancellation less than 24 hours from the start time of the private session will be charged the full rate for the session.

Class rates may vary depending on location and the number of people in your group. Please inquire for pricing of yoga  sessions in work site place.