Founder & Yoga Teacher - vanessa wong

Inspired by the power of yoga to lead people into a deeper relationship with themselves, Vanessa offers a down-to-earth, relaxed, and very real approach to teaching.

She has been practicing yoga since 2011, and completed her 200 hours Yin and Yang Vinyasa Teacher Training with internationally renowned Mindfulness Yoga teacher - Janet Lau. Encouraged by Janet’s emphasis on self-acceptance rather than self-improvement, Vanessa has gone on to combine practices from Mindfulness, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga to help people reconnect with their bodies and mind in order to accept who they truly are.

The most important thing in our lives is for us to accept who we are. By accepting who we are, we are able to love ourselves fully and unconditionally.
— Vanessa Wong

Vanessa blends the restorative power of Yin yoga — to enhance the meridian and organ systems, with the strength of Vinyasa yoga (Yang) - challenge your limits and explore new postures but in a safe way, and the grounding healing influence of Mindfulness. Her classes are fun, loving, and chilled, responding spontaneously to the needs of her students. Her number one goal is to make students feel “Free, Happy and Relaxed” after class.

She teaches Mindfulness, Hatha, Yin & Yang, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. She has been teaching in Hong Kong, especially for people who suffered from injuries and stress. In 2017, she taught at Stavanger Yoga Festival and started teaching at Yoga for Alle in Stavanger, Norway.

Yin yoga is Vanessa’s favourite. However, she didn’t liked it back to few years ago, she also found herself feel bored and easily distracted. It wasn’t until she sustained a wrist injury that she returned to a Yin practice, where she discovered the deep connection to ourselves that is hidden under the forces of distraction.

This experience led her to immerse herself in Yin, where she discovered the world of emotions that lies waiting for us in our bodies. She guides students to use yoga asana (poses) to find the stillness and depth already present within themselves.

Vanessa is committed to being real with her students — to dropping the mask of ‘yoga teacher’ and building natural, direct relationships, human-to-human. She aims to make her classes a space where people can feel whatever they need to feel, whether that’s enjoyable or challenging. By offering her own down-to-earth, humorous vulnerability, she lets people know that she’s been there too, undermining the conventional teacher-student power dynamic. She believes “as a teacher, we are also a student of our students.” She is looking forward to sweat and breath, to learn and grow with you!