4 Yin Poses that Improve Your Organs' Health

In Chinese medicine, we need keep our “chi” (energy) running in order to create balance and health for our organs. Practicing yin yoga improves our “chi” flow. By compressing or pulling particular parts of our body during the Yin poses, it stimulates and enhances the meridian system (energy channel). As a result, it balances and improves the health of our organs.

The following poses helps to stimulate the chi inside our Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Lungs and Heart. Very simple poses which you can practice at home anytime you want to:

Organ: Kidney / Urine Bladder
Target area: Lower back


Rest on your belly and bring your forearms on the floor (modification), if this is enough, you can stay in modification or straighten your arms and relax your shoulders.

If you feel pressure on your shoulders, slide your hands/arms forward. Feel free to pack a blanket under your hips bones.

Stay for 3-5 mins

To release, make a pillow with your hands and rest your forehead on top of it.

When you are ready, rest in Child pose.


Organ: Liver / Gallbladder
Target area: Outer hip

Bring one leg over the other, try to squeeze the knees together, if there is a gap between, pack a blanket in between.

Keep the hips on the floor, hands could be by your side or forward as shown in the picture.

** If cow-face is not working for you, you can do the modification between.

Stay for 3-5 mins, don't forget to do the second side.


Organ: Spleen / Stomach
Target area: Side Waist / Back

Start with Child pose but open your knees as wide as you can. Slide the left arm all the way to the right, rest your head on the floor.

Open your right shoulder and try to grab your left inner thigh.

Start for 3-5 mins then change side.


Organ: Heart & Lungs
Target area: the back, arm & underarm

Stand with the knees, toes tucked. Bring the left forearm on the floor and rest your forehead on top.

Stretch the right arm forward, make sure you feel your underarm stretching.

Stay for 3-5 mins, and rest in Child pose.

Do both sides.

If Quarter dog is too much, try modification on the bottom of the picture.