The magic moment, wonderful moment.

It’s almost the end of the year, looking back to this year, there were so much going on. I moved to a new country, starting up my own yoga business, living away from friends and family; nothing was easy to me. I started to complain more and more, and it got harder for me to feel happy. No one like to be a complaining person, the more I complain, the more I judge myself complaining all the time. What a big struggle!

Few days ago, I was wondering why am I not easy to feel happy. I reflected myself with mindfulness, a non-judgemental way with openness. I realised it’s my habitual energy that I am not easily feel happy, I focus a lot on what I don’t have rather than what I have, meanwhile, I don’t feel grateful of what I have.

Instead of blaming myself not to feel grateful and happy all the time, I chose to make a new change this time. I realised it takes time to cultivate gratitude so I took this Magic book (which I have it for awhile but never started) out and started the gratitude practices from the book.

Today is Day 3 of 28 days gratitude practice, and I feel so much happier since I started this practice, I realised I have way more than I thought and I focus more to be grateful of what I have instead of complaining of what I don’t have. It’s such an amazing feeling which I haven’t felt for such a long time.

What I want to share is, sometime we think we can always work harder, do better to achieve what we want, by having what we want, we can be happy. As a result, we always push ourselves too hard and forget that we have enough. Happiness is just here and now, what we have to do is we have to look at it, to be grateful for it.

I am more than happy to share this practice with you, so if you would like to make some magical change for your life, feel free to pm/email me and I will send you the practice each day, and 28 days in total! No matter I know you or not, It’s my pleasure to share with you :) 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!